Private lessons from our experienced PGA professional teachers are available for adults and juniors throughout the year at Gray Eagle Golf Club.

The MZ3 Golf Academy offers lessons from PGA Instructors throughout the entire year.

It takes a lot of experience and training to properly diagnose a golf swing. Michael Zedrick III and Scott Morris have the experience and training to make lessons a positive and rewarding experience.

PGA Instructors

Michael Zedick III

Scott Morris

Adult Lessons—45 Minutes

Single Lesson—$75

2 students—$65 Each

3 students—$55 Each

4 or more students—$45 Each


Series of 5—$325

2 students—$230 Each

3 students—$195 Each

4 or more students—$165 Each


Series of 10—$550

2 students—$375 Each


Junior Lessons—30 Minutes

Single Lesson—$50

2 students—$40 Each

3 or more students—$30 Each


Series of 5—$200

2 students—$140 Each

3 or more students—$120 Each


Series of 10—$350